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In today's market, you may spend hours on the phone trying to get assistance. Other times you spend hours trying to get information on vacations, transportation and become overwhelmed by the information. When you think you have found good prices, good location and try to book it, after the taxes and service charges have been added and the time spent, you realize by trying to do it yourself you have not saved as much as you thought.

Our number one goal is to provide excellence service to each of our clients. We listen to each of our clients to find out the type of travel they are interested in, the basic information needed and their dream vacation, we then proceed to help them find that trip. We know that each person, each vacation is very important, unique to them and we will work to find exactly what they desire. We are in the business of fulfilling dreams.

When there is a problem we will work closely with the supplier so that the result is a win-win situation. Our number one goal is to provide excellent service and to use suppliers that also stand behind what they provide.

Tolliver's Travel has the number one goal of providing excellence service:

  • We launched Holy Land Tours and will provide both cruises and land tours. We have partnered with experts that will lead the tours. (see Holy Land Tours)
  • We work closely with families that are celebrating special occasions and book a group cruise. Families can come from different States and will only have one person to contact. It has been very rewarding to help to hear of how much they enjoyed the time without the hassle.
  • We have continued to work closely with Non-Profit Agencies to help them raise funds.
  • We continue to have group cruises and all-inclusive travel.
  • We affiliate ourselves with experts in different areas of travel
  • We listen to our client's feedback in their place of interest
  • Continuing education is very important to us. We have many certifications and Masters from our suppliers
  • Our hours are flexible to meet our clients' needs.
  • We offer travel protection to protect our clients' investment
  • We will provide internet assistance if our clients need help with travel we do not provide

Give us a call for more information. We welcome all referral!!! Referrals are rewarded.

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