• The scriptures invite us to go to meet with God in His Holy city. It is amazing that when we accept this invitation our Father does meet with us in very special ways.

  • Our faith roots are in Judaism as Jesus and the early followers were all Jewish Pilgrims to the city are following examples which our forefathers encouraged.

  • To experience the natural environment where Jesus ministered helps us to appreciate and understand his teachings and activities at a deeper level of understanding

  • It is an opportunity to focus more on our faith and the spiritual dimension of our earthly walk in very special places of prayer.

  • It develops a greater understanding of places and events we have heard and read about, giving us a deeper understanding and very often a new perspective.

  • Israel and Jordan are at the cross-roads of modern history. Experiencing their way of life and culture, plus the worship of thousands from all the nations of the world is a real eye-opener, much food for thought. Opportunities to meet with various projects who need our support and prayers. A visit to Yad Vashem (The National Memorial to the victims of the Holocaust) is beyond words

  • Worship in the lands of the Bible is SPECIAL

  • It is a place of "healing" a sacred place where God meets us.

  • The fellowship with other Christians sharing their experiences is a real encouragement in our personal walk with God.


"And all nations will come and worship me on Mt.Zion"


By Rev Brian Fisher
(Printed by permission)

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